• Ali Collier

4 Upsides to Moving Online for Covid-19

There are a lot of changes happening all around us these days in the face of Covid-19. There is fear, anger and anxiety surrounding the amount of change that is being asked of all of us. I'm not immune from those emotions but my brain doesn't let me dwell on the things I cannot do, instead it insists on problem solving with the on hand resources.

The list of problems Covid-19 creates is too long to handle when trying to do things the same old way. Sure, as the market manager, I could keep the market limping along, but we need real solutions. Moving our market online during this time period opens up opportunities for our community and vendors that in the long run will make our market stronger and better able to serve.

Here's how:

1. Taking the Leap

As small business owners our vendors have to do it all; make, grow, pick, pack, vend, market, etc... Any one of these tasks can be a full time job, adding online sales to that can be too much work to fit into a fully packed schedule. Making our market online only for a while makes taking the leap to an online store a top priority. Working together as a market helps our vendors by sharing the load of building an online customer base and keeps us connected to each other and you!

2. Less Product Waste

Farmers markets are a bit of a risky venture for all types of vendors; vegetables can spoil, soap can melt, baked goods can go stale and humidity can wreak havoc on dried goods and artwork. While our vendors do a great job ensuring freshness and quality the fact remains that there are loses incurred to bring products to market. Online sales allow for only the sold product to be harvested or brought to market and leaves the rest in it's best form for another day. It also saves time for the vendor to grow, make and share with you.

3. More Convenience

Shopping online is more convenient for you, dear shopper, especially considering the limitations of social distancing. Online our vendors can show you the product and accept credit card payments in the same location. Any one who has been to our market in downtown Glen Rock knows the data dead zone that it can be. And we know how many of our customer like to support multiple vendors, our new online market lets you keep supporting us with just one online visit. It also allows us to be there for your shopping convenience 24/7 during the entire growing season.

4. Sticking To Our Values

This was the mission statement for our market in January 2020: Our mission is to build a viable economic outlet for local growers and makers through a monthly market and weekly market mix that will provide the highest quality, diverse produce and products while recognizing the importance of sustainable practices in an effort to teach, grow and change in a beneficial way for the community and the environment.

I believe by moving online we will be rising to achieve those highlighted goals that seemed so unattainable in March. So I ask that you give us your feedback and support as we learn and change and grow through this adversity. You can do that by signing up for our newsletter here to receive updates on our market, news about fresh produce and hopefully even learn when you can see us all together again on a second Sunday in 2020.

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