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Fall Essentials

Hello again, my Dear Pop Uppers! Have you missed us? I know that the vendors and myself have missed you all. If we had known how warm and beautiful November was destined to be we could have had weekly markets right up until Thanksgiving. Alas, we cannot see the future, but the good news is there are so many fall fresh goodies available for you to enjoy. Our first Holiday Market is open right now and with vendors constantly adding items I suggest you order early and often.

Here are my picks of new classics and old favorites from our vendors for the Thanksgiving holiday:

Wildwood Lavender Farm- This relaxation bag makes it easy to enjoy the wonderful lavender that Shana and her family grows down in Quantico Maryland. Warmed up it is a cozy treat that can help lift your mood. The bag is sized to fit nicely over your eyes but I have found mine works well also for the back of my neck and on my wrist. The scent of English lavender is calming and not overpowering. Get one for yourself and you'll be giving thanks to Wildwood Lavender Farm.

Tulsi Fields Farm- Jerusalem artichokes are from a North American native flowering plant. These tubers taste like a sweet flavored potato (not a sweet potato) and the top recipe is simply olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme (which you can also get fresh from Matt). Why not try a new Thanksgiving dish that would have been at the first Thanksgiving?

This Is A Farmhouse- Leafy greens are back in season and they are more than a holiday treat, they are a powerhouse of delicious daily nutrition. Since it’s starting to get chilly outside though I haven’t felt much like cold salads for dinner lately. I’m thinking a warm rice and pinto salad might be just what Tiffany and Corey had in mind for these beauties.

Mother Truffula All Natural Body Care Products- This is a great product for those early shoppers out there. It is full of high quality goodies and will make a great stocking stuffer. Like all of Laura’s products the packaging used here is all reusable, recyclable or compostable. It is increasingly important to think about the impact our gifts have on the planet and there is nothing but love that will be left behind here. Plus, if you are interested you could try the samples yourself and still have time to order more at our next holiday market!

Mary Magenta- It’s that time of year! It’s new calendar time! The time when we can look forward to what the next year might bring. Mary has been designing poignant and beautiful art calendars for 47 years and you can see her dedication and passion in her artwork. This years theme is the local watershed and Mary takes calendars to the next level by leading you on an expedition so you can experience this endangered landscape for yourself. I am very excited to get my hands on a copy!

Love Sown Family Farms- Chef Becky has been grilling up Blue Dog Farm chicken all summer and now she has brought some for us to try too! These chicken legs and thighs would be marvelous for a Thanksgiving turkey substitute and be just as special. Don’t forget to check out their purple sweet potatoes and micro greens to round out a 100% local meal.

Crystal's Casbah- Let’s give a zill (look it up) welcome to our newest vendor! Crystal makes one of a kind dance costumes and hip scarves. You may have caught our last Try It Tuesday video when we tried belly dancing. Well, I can tell you it would have been much more fun if we had the proper dress clothes for our workout. I love this Green Garden hip skirt for the name but also for the versatile colors that would bring pizzazz to your outfit at any time of the year. I feel like this would be a good year to start a new home dance party tradition for the holidays.

Brabble Hill Farm- Local flowers may not be in bloom this late in the season but that doesn’t mean we can’t have beautiful unique flower bouquets to enjoy. I’ve been stretching my florist muscles and practicing larger and more refined designs. Just because our gatherings have to be smaller this season doesn’t mean our decorations need to be.

These are my selections for the November holiday market and I am curious to see what you all will be ordering, you can’t go wrong really. I have been looking forward to working with my friends and vendors again and I am just blown away that we have 222 items available at the market as of this moment. Show some love to the hard working makers and growers who have made the best of 2020 and given me something to be truly thankful for.

Market is open until Wednesday, November 18 at 4:00 pm for all 3 of our pickup locations. Pickup is Thursday at 5:00 pm. Simply click on your preferred pick up location below, login and place an order.

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