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False Fall but True Goodies!

Happy first frost to you all, my chilly Pop Uppers! What a year this has been and the unusual events just keep on coming. Our typical first frost is mid-October and we had very little warning of the cold this past week. I hope my fellow growers were able to cover and save as much as they could. I also hope that I was able to save some stuff too, as we didn't cover anything until the 2nd night of frost, eek.

Not to worry though, this bought of frosts and cold nights will soon be over and we will be able to enjoy our usual end of summer weather for at least another week. To help us all mark this obnoxious milestone I've chosen a batch of fall goodies to compliment the season change. ALL of our vendors are back online this week so be sure to show them some love.

Wildwood Lavender Farm- I love waking up on a chilly fall morning, bundling up and heading out to work without having to worry about getting sweaty or dirty, it's a nice reprieve after the summer months. Night time is different though, I want to be warm and cozy before going to bed. That's why I like to soak my hands in these lavender bath salts, it warms my spirits and helps heal my hard-worked hands.

Mary Magenta- These beet tea towels are the perfect companion to a good hand soak. They are 55% linen and 45% cotton and they get better the more you use them. The beet design offers a lovely fall color scheme that is a little less traditional and is a good compliment to this less than traditional farmer's market!

Burtt Baking Co- These pumpkins scones are a bit more traditional and were a HUGE hit at our Mini Fall Fest a couple of weekends ago. This is my first opportunity to grab some from Katie as the sold out so quickly and she's been on vacation. I have definitely added them to my shopping cart this week.

Brabble Hill Farm- The zucchino ramapacante plants were hit hard by the frost but they've been pumping out winter squash for a couple of weeks now. The orange flesh is sweet and perfect for any fall recipes you've been waiting to make. The large bulb end has all the seeds and the long skinny neck is solid, making for easier processing. They also make delightful neck accessories.

This is a Farmhouse- Tiffany from Morgan Peri Organics has a few items that she has created from her homegrown and locally grown materials. With open window weather upon us I am thinking now might be a good time to get to my spring cleaning as I'm always too busy to get to it in springtime. These floral smudges seem like a great way to ensure that my house carries the scents of spring and summer into the approaching winter.

Tulsi Fields Farm- With the frost I am sure the availability of fresh herbs is going to diminish rapidly, even from a grower as prolific as Matt. Fortunately I already know his teas are amazing and will easily take the place of fresh herbs in my teacup and baking. The Blue Balsam Peppermint is Enzo's favorite hot tea and it is almost time for us to restock it.

Mother Truffula- Laura mentioned last week that she sort of forgets to promote her lip balm and I can see why it gets overlooked in her promotion as she perfected this product long ago. I've seen how it has been a great introductory product for her though, as it draws in children and adults alike for the delicious scents and great price. If you're not quite ready to let go of summer I recommend the watermelon or the grapefruit scent. Try this product and I am sure you'll want to try everything she makes, it's that good.

Love Sown Family Farms- Look at these adorable pumpkins!!! Nothing says fall like mini pumpkins and the ladies at Love Sown have them ALL. There are classic orange and white but they also have greenish, striped, yellow and every variation in between. Drop a note with your order if you want a certain type or wait to be surprised!

There will not be a Front Porch Pop Up this weekend as the Glen Rock Mill Inn will be closed. So, if you want your produce, home and baked goodies you'll need to place your order by Wednesday at 4pm for Glen Rock or Hanover Yoga Stop and pick them up on Thursday at 5pm.

If Saturday is your preferred pickup day then you'll get to check out the Hanover Fresh and Local Pop Up at Untamed Boutique. Order your fresh produce from Hanover Boutique Stop Pop Up by 12pm Friday for pick up as early as 10am Saturday, or arrive a bit later for a performance from Indian Summer Jars!

May you enjoy this transition to fall and if you cannot enjoy it, may you at least tolerate it fairly well and treat yourself to some goodies. Until next week my dears!

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