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Fun In the Fall

Heeey Pop Uppers! We've got a lot of fun fall shopping events coming up in the next couple of weeks and I want to take this blog-portunity to tell you all about them. While I was able to type that last sentence with a straight face I can hardly contain my excitement for the upcoming 2 weekends of celebrations!

Why am I so excited, you might well be asking yourself? It's simple, I love fall! The weather is warm and cool. The leaves are green and yellow, orange and red. I'm pulling out plants and putting in plants. It's the perfect time of year to do EVERYTHING, which is my favorite thing to do!


This weekend on September 5th is Untamed Boutique's one year anniversary! Their celebration coincides with the 1st September event of the Hanover Fresh and Local Pop Up. Untamed Boutique has become one of our new favorite places to shop to support local artists. Every other week when we head to the Hanover Fresh and Local Pop Up for produce, plants and other goodies (hello, beautiful hand dug stones!) we always stop in to check out the newest arts and crafts. Enzo and I both adore the entire store; my favorite new purchase is a potholder that perfectly matches my kitchen and Enzo loved his donut bath bomb.

There will be lots of door prizes, sales and crafting opportunities for those who attend. Not to mention the plant exchange station. I'm really looking forward to it! Don't forget to pre-order your produce by 12pm on Friday. It'll be so fresh!

Glen Rock

This Sunday we'll have a regular, 4 vendor Front Porch Pop Up market. But next weekend, September 13th, is the Front Porch Pop Up's Mini Fall Fest at the Glen Rock Mill Inn!

For 3 hours on a Sunday we will spend some much needed, but still socially distant, time together. We'll be taking over the entire parking are of the Glen Rock Mill Inn to have 6 of our vendors, crafts from Macaroni Kids South York and a fundraiser sale for the Hufnagel Public Library.

Activities will include shopping, crafts, a squash guessing contest, fall photo backdrop and more. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the details as they come to life.

So, while you're waiting patiently (so, so patiently) for the fun coming up, you can pre-order online for pickup.

  1. Choose your pickup location, click on the image below

  2. Login

  3. Shop and checkout

  4. Pickup in person and say hi!

A quick note at the end now to say that Shanna from Wildwood Lavender Farm is on a much needed vacation. Her items will return in 2 Thursdays.

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