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I've Got Heat Wave Brain and a Giveaway

Edited to add Morgan Peri Organics cherry tomatoes... Did I say heat wave brain?

Hello Pop Uppers! Who else is completely over this heat wave? I like a warm summer day as much as any one but I hide from temps in the 90s and melt at the thought of walking up to the garden, it'll be ok without me for a few days. Fortunately, I've got plenty to distract me from the blazing sun right here in our online community. We've got a new vendor, a giveaway and plenty of new products to choose from. Let's dig in!

Raise your hand if you noticed we have another NEW vendor... Because I am thrilled to tell you that local art icon, Mary Magenta, has joined our online market. She has spent 40 years making art that captures the essence of the changing colors and textures of the places she's landed. Mary has been a friend and inspiration since the day I met her and I am pleased to have the opportunity to market with her again!

Mary has immediately brought a wonderful opportunity to our shoppers as well. She has donated 2 pins from her latest art project for our shoppers to win. The pins are vibrant and beautiful with double backs so they will be sure to stay in place wherever you put them.

Everyone who orders between now and July 31st will be entered to win one of the pair. If you order from us twice (or more) in that time, you will be entered for each purchase! One winner will be selected from Glen Rock and one from Hanover.

Ordering from us over the next couple of weeks should be a delight too. In additional to Mary's new items our vendors have been working hard in their gardens, kitchens and studios to bring us more to choose from. Here are the items I am most excited about this week:

Brabble Hill Farm- I don't like to choose favorites. I don't have a favorite color or a favorite song or a favorite potato... but if I HAD to choose just one to grow it would be the Adirondack Blue. These potatoes have been great in every dish I have tried them in and they keep their color during cooking without getting too dark or too washed out so they always look amazing. They also grow easily and store well too, which makes me love them that much more.

Burtt Baking Co- Two Sundays ago I had the pleasure of vending next to Katie at our Pop Up market outside of Glen Rock Mill Inn. Katie is as delightful as her products and she often gets asked what her favorite summer cookie is. More than once that day I heard her respond without hesitation the Key Lime cookies. The one I got that day was delicious and I am so glad she decided to add them to her line up for the summer. She also added a smaller box size to most items for those of you who can't decide on just one or don't want the temptation of a dozen cookies around.

Love Sown Family Farm- Well, I was going to share another hot pepper variety from Allison and Becky... but they sold out while I was writing this, so, here is the next best thing: purple kohlrabi. When eaten raw, kohlrabi is slightly crunchy and mildly spicy, like radishes mixed with turnip. Use the leaves like kale and the bulbs like broccoli. It's really a great, versatile summer brassica.

Mary Magenta- Mary's upcycled bags are one of the items she is most well known for in SoYoCo. Her bags have been featured in Lancaster Farming and her mission is to keep these feedbags out of landfills. I've used these bags myself for storage and even as gift bags stuffed with other local goodies. I appreciate her determination to reuse these items, if we all did more reusing maybe these summer heat waves wouldn't be as long.

Morgan Peri Organics by This Is a Farmhouse-

Just look at these cherry tomatoes, they are a sight for sore eyes. Sun ripened tomatoes are the best usage of the hot summer sun. Corey and Tiffany grow beautiful produce using organic methods that they learned farming in Florida to improve the environment around us.

Mother Truffula All Natural Body Care Products- Laura is always coming up with products I didn't even know I wanted. She hits at the heart of what her customers need at any given moment and her new line of essential oil blends is no exception. Whether you need a lift to be happy, inspired, focused or considerate these rollers can help you be in the moment. I personally love the lime and grapefruit fragrance from the Be Happy roller and I am sure the folks around me are happier that I smell nice too.

Tulsi Fields Farm- Matt seems to have known that this was going to be a hot dry summer and planted varieties accordingly. While my zucchini are barley holding it together his are beautiful and abundant. Who doesn't love a good haul of summer zucchini for making fritters, grilling and having enough leftover for bread making? This is the deal of the week right here.

Wildwood Lavender Farm- Last week I ordered a mini diffuser bunch from Shana for my son's room. Enzo loves the smell of lavender and he is thrilled with how much better his room smells (though I'm not sure it calms him much). This larger lavender arrangement comes with the same essential oils and a Wildwood Lavender Farm exclusive vase from Caudill Pottery. I'm know it would make an exceptional gift for a family, friends or yourself.

So, with all these goodies to distract us let's hope the heat wave breaks by Sunday for our Pop Up at Glen Rock Mill Inn on Sunday July 26th from 12-3 pm. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages as the Covid-19 response might have us changing our plans. You'll also get to see our Try It Tuesday videos that are just me and my assistant Enzo gushing over the wonderful products from our vendors.

Don't forget to place your orders this week and next to secure your spot in our drawings for Mary Magenta pins. Remember, we have 3 easy pickup locations now, just the link below for your preferred pickup spot, sign in and shop.

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