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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Happy Monday, dear Pop Uppers. It's been a long time since I've rolled out of bed and cursed a Monday. Between the farm and the market I stay pretty busy but Mondays have become my day to recharge for the upcoming week. Now that Monday is also Blog Day (did you sing it in your head too?) I've begun a practice of thinking about our vendors and have noticed how grateful I am for what they've brought into my life. Today I want to show you some of the ways we've found to enjoy the offerings of the market. These products really are interwoven in our lives, I hope this can inspire you to bring a little bit into your life.

Mother Truffula All Natural Body Care Products - Enzo usually uses a swim shirt but we've somehow managed to lose it, but the sunscreen keeps him protected and, just as importantly, smelling nicer than usual. The dry shampoo and the African black soap are 2 of my favorite products. They both started out as products that Laura asked me to sample before they hit the market and that's gotta be one of my favorite perks of being the market manager.

Wildwood Lavender Farm- The lavender Shanna grows is the English Munstead variety. It's the non-soapy flavored lavender so the cookies I made for Try It Tuesday, with the recipe she gave me, were delightful. They made a nice little birthday treat for a friend. I love it when things come together like that. The hydrosol (that Katie is trying here) is the next product I want to try, it smells heavenly and should keep my face cool under the mask on hot days.

Mary Magenta- Mary has been a champion of so many of the ideals that we try to embody at the market. She sees the beauty in the produce and puts it on the page (towel, pin and birdhouse) for us to enjoy throughout the year. Doesn't my MM birdhouse look lovely nestled into the juniper? She also cares for the earth by upcycling feed bags, giving them more life. I'm so happy to have her back as a vendor this year!

Love Sown Family Farms and Chef Services- Look at these beautiful peppers and eggplants that I was able to grow! I know, I know, I'm a vegetable farmer too, but I'm not good at plants that need constant weeding and attention. So, I ordered a few of the starters that Love Sown offered and potted them up by my summer house because I enjoy these foods and hate giving up. Walking by them several times a day and these 4 plants get all the attention they could desire. The quality of the starts has also been integral to their success.

Tulsi Fields Farms- Herbs, herbs and more herbs. This summer our home has been filled with the aromas of so many herbs that Matt has grown. Our sun teas and grilled pizzas have been so much better for it too!

This Is A Farmhouse- Talk about an inspiration! Tiffany has been manifesting change left and right this summer. She usually hops up and down the east coast throughout the summer selling her produce, plants and crafts but with covid shutting that down she's pouring all of her energy back into our community. How exciting for plant collections all over Hanover!

Burtt Baking Co- There really is no better way to start the morning that with a muffin (or a cinnamon roll) from Katie. The lemon poppy is my favorite and goes beautifully with coffee or tea. We also love a cookie for a snack or dessert. Those decorate your own icing bags get squeezed to the last smudge every time. And how lucky are all of us that Katie is expanding her offering with summer flavors and keto items?

Brabble Hill Farm- Mondays are also the days I plan farm work for the week. As you can see, we've got a lot going for us but also a lot to take care of. This food forest would eventually build itself but we're here so we might as well do our best to help it along.

And, last but not least, I'm very thankful to have the Glen Rock Mill Inn as our market sponsor. Every small business has felt the pinch because of covid and restaurants have been hit especially hard, but they're still grilling! We eat here every weekend to support them and fill our bellies. If you're inspired to do more than take out here is some info:

Have you heard of the RESTAURANTS Act of 2020? This bipartisan piece of legislation is designed to set up the Independent Restaurant Revitalization Fund which aims to do three things:

  1. Generate up to $271 billion in primary and secondary economic benefits.

  2. Reduce the unemployment rate in the U.S. by an estimated 2.4 percent

  3. Make sure independent restaurants do not close forever. To learn more about the #RestaurantsAct and how you can help #SaveRestaurants like the Glen Rock Mill Inn visit the #IndependentRestaurantCoalition website.

Now it's time for you to order online and get your own bag of inspiration:

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