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It's Not Fall... Yet

Hellloooo Pop Uppers! School started last week for us and as I type this my kiddo is in the middle of class time. He just learned the chicken dance. I guess we all learned it somewhere, might as well have been in 1st grade. So here we are, the unofficial beginning of fall, even if most of us aren't ready to let go of summer yet. But, there is some good news, the growing season isn't even close to over and we've got goodies for you to enjoy and grow with us.

Let's take a look at some of the pre-fall items we've got available online this week. To order, simply click on the item you like to take you to our online shop. You can order for pick up in Glen Rock or one of our 2 Hanover locations. We've got plenty more to explore online too!

Mary Magenta- This is the time of year to plant chive seeds for spring blooms. It's a long wait for them, but so worth it... unless you're not in the mood for patience or gardening. Then you can get this lovely tea towel as a reminder of chive blossoms beauty and deliciousness all year round.

Tulsi Fields Farm- Soon it will be time to plant bulbs for spring. I know that Matt saves some of his garlic for seed cloves for next season and you can get in on that too. Try growing your own from this local stock and see how you like it. If you're not ready, don't worry, garlic doesn't go in the ground until October but you'd better get planning.

Mother Truffula All Natural Body Care Products- A summer full of bare feet and gardening can be tough on your skin. I grabbed a bar of this exfoliating soap yesterday at our Front Porch Pop Up for the rough skin on my hands. Now is always a good time to start taking care of yourself.

Morgan Peri Organics- This listing is for one of the many varieties of hosta that Tiffany has been propagating. If you see a type you like best, just add a note to the order and you'll be sure to get it. I LOVE the white edged hosta, mine stay pretty through the heat of summer when the others look sad. Pre-fall is a great time to get your plants established before winter.

Brabble Hill Farm- Speaking of plants, now is also the time to get your fall garden growing... Well, maybe a little late but that's why this fall fairy garden is perfect. Small plants that you can keep in pots close to the house are easy to protect if we get an early frost. Popcorn, marigolds, sunflowers, peas and tomatoes are the perfect summer/fall mashup.

Wildwood Lavender Farm- Now that we're so far into summer we're beginning to see the dried florals popping up. This beautiful bundle won't fade as the summer does and will smell delightful. I've been very impressed with the packaging from Shanna and it feels like I'm receiving a gift when her orders arrive.

Love Sown Family Farms- Look what's back! Love Sown was on top of their succession planting and they have their fall lettuce ready for summer salads again. Check out their selection of lettuces and grab ALL the fresh veggies for one mega salad!

Burtt Baking Co. - We tried Katie's chocolate chip scone for a bit of comfort food when it was downright chilly last week. While it's gotten hot again this were too good not to share.

And, now, because we cannot deny it any longer and it is almost fall and we're planning a Mini Fall Fest! Join us September 13th at Glen Rock Mill Inn for a visit with all of our vendors (who safely can join us) and for the first and only time in 2020 Macaroni Kid South York. We have missed having Miss Sarah and her kid's crafts at our market. Please bring your kiddos, wear a mask and join us for a small celebration of surviving this long through the pandemic and enjoy the fruits of our growing, mixing and making labors.

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