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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

My dear Pop Uppers!

We've made it to summer, it seemed at times like we might not, and many of us didn't. July 4th is next weekend but before the BBQ and fireworks, let's have a serious think. As we prepare to celebrate our first major milestone as a nation it is also a time to reflect on what that means in the face of our current trials and tribulations, racism and an epidemic.

Racial disparity in our country was there at the beginning, but even before the full extent of it's meaning was realized we held the truth to be self evident, that all men are created equal. 41 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence enslaved people and used their labor for their own gains. This country was built on that labor and racism runs deep still within our society but the seeds of equality were sown long ago and they continue to grow.

Covid-19 is a real danger to our lives and while some people would tell you that maintaining social distancing and wearing masks is a danger to our individual liberties, they're missing the bigger picture. The Declaration of Independence was not signed for individuals. It bound the original 13 colonies into one nation, The United States of America, and, my how we've grown; into 50 states, 14 territories and 1 district.

We are all united in our lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness. We all need to maintain our distance and wear a mask and wash our hands and listen to each other and help each other grow. The riches of our society are not a pie with more for some leaving less for others. They are the ocean that cannot be measured, that can raise all ships or sink them if they are not built properly.

Our citizens are resilient and brave and I know that together we can face all odds and prevail, but not if we continue to ignore our past and think only of ourselves. The ideals of the Declaration of Independence are attainable, but don't be fooled, we have not reached them yet. Lean in, don't stop fighting for each other.

And now, for the BBQ! There are 2 ways to shop for your celebration with us this week:

The first is in person tomorrow with Brabble Hill Farm, Tulsi Fields Farm and Love Sown Family Farm. We will be popping up outside of The Glen Rock Mill Inn from 12 pm - 3 pm.

The other way is to order online at Place your order by 4pm on Wednesday July 1st at 4pm for pickup Thursday July 2nd at 5pm. Pickup location is by the carolers statue at 59 Water St, Glen Rock, PA.

Here are my tops picks for a most agreeable holiday weekend:

1. You know I'm excited for these potatoes! Farmer Steve planted these at Brabble Hill Farm in March so they could be ready especially for July 4th. New potatoes have thinner skins, brighter colors and a wonderful smooth texture. They are perfect for salt potatoes and potato salads of all kinds.

2. If you're planning on meeting with friends or family to celebrate make sure you are doing so as safely as possible with a handmade and environmentally friendly reusable facemask. Place your order and then if you want something specific message Tiffany at This Is A Farmhouse. My son is loving his mask from her, it's comfortable for him and matches his personality. He feels confident going out again without worrying that he might make someone sick.

3. Let's welcome Katie from Burt Baking Co. back from vacation this week with lots of orders. These Lemon-Vanilla Shortbread cookies are a Glen Rock Train Stop Pop Up Online EXCLUSIVE. Katie uses her magic with a dusting of flowers from Brabble Hill Farm to make these edible fireworks.

4. More edible flowers! Matt at Tulsi Fields Farm grows some varieties of squash plants just for the edible flowers. These flowers are sweeter than squash usually is and some people think they taste like popcorn. They are a wonderful example of the kind of produce you can only get fresh and local.

5. Oh, man, look at this beautiful head of lettuce. The ladies at Love Sown Family Farm are still churning out amazing leafy greens. This lettuce is tender but strong, great for loading with LOTs of toppings for a big salad. Pick some up on Sunday and you'll be ordering more for Thursday.

6. While you're treating your insides to delicious foods, don't forget to treat your skin with some good stuff from Mother Truffula All Natural Skin Care. This nighttime face serum is the perfect accompaniment for the late nights of summer.

Happy Independence Day to you all.

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