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Market Shopping - Online

When I used to shop at a farmers market (often when I'm supposed to be vending), I loved to discover what the other vendors were most excited about that week. It could be a new bread recipe, a vegetable variety that's just ripened or a perennial herb that they can't get enough of. Then I used to have to figure out how it would mesh with what I'm planning for the week. Often times I would be too distracted to figure it out and later I'd wish I'd gotten something and would have to hope it's there next time.

This week has been different, in my quieter times, I've been checking our online market (almost obsessively) and every time I visit I find something new. The vendors are adding new items every day, and I've been noticing them with new eyes. Here's a timeline of me actually shopping the new market.

Wednesday - "I wonder if I can make mojitos with gin... Yes, I think I can." Add to cart.

Thursday - "My skin is not handling this weather change well... Well, look at that!" Add to cart.

Friday - "Shoot, the baby bok choy is bolting. Better to create a special sale." Add .

Saturday - "The birthday boy decided on a unicorn theme for his birthday... decorate your own unicorn cookies, perfect. " Add to cart.

Sunday - "What are Nesting Box Herbs? Maybe the chickens would like that!" Add to cart.

What am I going to find by the time ordering ends on Wednesday?

How do you like to shop at a farmers market? Are you a browser? A question asker? Always looking for something new? There are many different ways to shop at a farmers market. This new way, shopping online, might feel a little strange but in many ways it's the same, just a bit more convenient.

Check out our new market online at and shop for yourself, your family, your friends. I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful masked faces for pick up on Thursday evening 5-7 pm at 59 Water St. in Glen Rock PA.

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