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Meet the Maker- Burtt Baking Co

Our resident baker, Katie, is the sweetest (pun intended) of our vendors. She is a new mom and a new business owner and her favorite holiday is Christmas! One of my biggest market regrets of the last year was not ordering her Christmas cookie tray. I'll save you a regret and let you know now that she is going on vacation next week so you can order twice as much this week ;)

Q. What nicknames do you have?

A. Technically my full name is Kathryn, so I guess my nickname is Katie. My family calls me Kates, but it's weird to hear other people call me that.

Q. What did you do before running your business?

A. Before I started Burtt Baking Co I was a piano teacher! I did that for 10 years before I decided that baking was my passion.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. Where so I see myself in 5 years? How about 5 days? Lol! I'd like to see myself as the mama of a couple of kiddos (we'd like to adopt again) with a thriving baking business! Maybe even working towards the possibility of a storefront?

Q. What is your favorite holiday?

A. My favorite holiday is Christmas.

Q. What is the weirdest thing you've had to deal with for your business?

A. I haven't had to deal with anything super weird in my business yet, unless you can count someone asking me to make exploding cookies. But technically they were just cookies filled with sprinkles, not actual explosions ;)

Q. Send me one of your favorite photos that you don't mind me sharing.

A. My sweet baby is my favorite photo subject!

Q. What is your favorite song to work to?

A. I have a ton of playlists for baking, and I also listen to a bunch of podcasts while I work. But if I really want to get motivated, I usually put on Greatest Showman or other fun Broadway/movie tunes. ("Come Alive" is a great one for kneading dough. Lol!)

Q. Solve for X, show your work: 16-2X = 5X+9

A. Umm...I became a baker so that I could avoid algebra. Haha! If it doesn't measure in grams, ounces or cups, I'm lost!

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