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Meet the Maker- This Is A Farmhouse and Morgan Peri Organics

Meet Tiffany of This Is A Farmhouse and Morgan Peri Organics. As you may have inferred from her two businesses, Tiffany is a woman of many talents. When she is at home she is constantly working on projects that engage the community such as her plant exchange in Hanover and her Hanover Fresh and Local Pop Up market. When she travels she follows Phish tours and other musicians to serve vegan goodies to their fans around the country.

You may have missed her while she was on tour the last few weeks (I know I have) but she will be back to set up on Sunday!

Q. What nicknames do you have?

A. Tiffypop, I don't know what else they call me, lol.

Q. What did you do before running your business?

A. Before this business I had a tie dye clothing business. Before that I worked restaurant and retail, any service work. Which IMO is really what I do best. Work in service of others with a goal for all of us to be better.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. Settled into a comfortable and sustainable business here in Glen Rock ! Hoping to expand in ground farming to hemp production on additional acreage.

Q. What is your favorite holiday?

A. Halloween !

Q. What is the weirdest thing you've had to deal with for your business?

A. I cannot answer that question publicly. I have seen and dealt with far too much !

Q. Send me one of your favorite photos that you don't mind me sharing.

A. I love day lilies and just plant them, no cares. Each year there is something amazing and new like this !

Q. What is your favorite song to work to?

A. Fave song ?? For working probably something by Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. A great live show whether it be Phish or dead or disco biscuits will also work just fine.

Q. Solve for X, show your work: 16-2X = 5X+9

A. I don't even know. My math these days is more how many cans of chickpeas are in a #10 can and how many plants do I need to grow to fill 10 of them ?

Featured Items:

Tiffany is now beginning to offer new home made products in addition to her home grown products and I am excited to discover more and more of her talents.

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