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People not Products

This week has been as busy one for all of our vendors. As we settle into our weekly market routine we are also gearing up for summer, our online market is reflecting that. We've got the ends of the spring veggies and early bit of the summer ones. Go check those out here:

Today instead of highlighting our products though, I want to highlight the people behind them. Our vendors care deeply about our market and each other and we use our skills to build each other up. I'm proud to work with each and every one of them and hope that we get to continue to work on our own businesses together for a long time to come.

This is Tiffany. She is the brain power and front woman behind This is a Farmhouse and Morgan Peri Organics. She wasted no time when she moved to Glen Rock in jumping right into our market and advocating for us. This year she's helping us branch out in the Hanover community! More on that next week ;) If you need fresh produce or a sweet mask, she's your gal.

This is Laura. She's the literal face of Mother Truffula All-Natural Body Care Products. She performs feats of chemistry with simple ingredients to provide us with the nicest skin care products around. Laura is also very eco-conscious in her business and life. She is currently collecting shampoo bottles from the community for her upcoming new shampoo products.

This is not Matt. Our friend from Tulsi Fields Farm isn't keen on having his photo take but his puppy Lacey is photogenic enough for both of them. Matt's strength and focus in his growing is on herbs. He grows and dries many different varieties and shows an amazing amount of patience in the practice. Don't think that's all he's got though, Matt also grows a wide array of seasonal vegetables for our market and for our sponsor The Glen Rock Mill Inn.

This is Katie. She's the best cookie maker a market manager could ask for. Her baked goods are flawless and abundant. Katie is also a piano teacher and active community and church member. And if you look closely at her picture you'll see she's wearing an adoption shirt. If you or someone you know is pregnant and considering adoption, reach out to her and her husband as they are actively looking to expand their family.

These are a bunch of well cared for chickens, below them is Chef Becky from Love Sown Family Farm and Chef Services. Becky and her partner Allison started their business this year too. They both have rather large flocks of chickens and they grow beautiful vegetables in their brand new raised beds. I highly recommend following them on Instagram and/or Facebook to follow along as the build up their new business. They're big on color and quality and those are my 2 favorite aspects of growing.

This is Farmer Steve. The machine power behind Brabble Hill Farm. He's been moving dirt, building beds and keeping the critters out of the garden for 4 seasons now. He's the grand schemer of our food forest and my favorite person to work with. I want to wish him a happy Father's Day tomorrow and seeing as I'll be at market I hope Enzo got him something nice!

I also want to thank you, dear reader, for being an active participant in our market community. Whether it's taking our survey and giving us feedback, ordering online or visiting us in person we couldn't do what we love with out you!

Don't forget, 4 of our vendors will be popping up at The Glen Rock Mill Inn from 12-3 pm this Sunday, so, do have a great weekend and come see us!

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