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Seriously Easy Shopping

Happy Tuesday my pop upper peeps! Did you all enjoy your holiday weekend? I know my family was happy for the day off from our regularly scheduled work so that we could do other work... together, as a family. As nice as a day off is, I am now a day short in my regularly scheduled week, which is going to make running all of my errands tough.

Fortunately, I can spend just a few minutes time today (and tomorrow) looking through the items at our online shop to make sure I have everything added to my cart. Even after I check out I usually think of something else I need, and as long as it is before 4pm on Wednesday (I like to pick up in Glen Rock) I can add it. I really like to shop online as I am easily distracted while I am in a store, even with a list in my hand I'll usually forget something. I tried looking up a word for this phenomenon and I could not find one.

Buuut, I did find some other fun words that I am going to try using now to describe the wonderful goodies I've picked out from our vendors this week:

Burtt Baking Co.- This new brownie treat that Katie has devised is amazing. It tastes like a night around the campfire without the pesky mosquitos. This brownie will disappear as soon as you've got it between your forefinger and pollex.

Brabble Hill Farm- There will be need to brabble with your family to get them to eat these greens. Sorrel has a lemony tangy flavor that mixes well with other salad fixings, adds flavor to sandwiches and can be used in soups for a warmer meal option.

Love Sown Family Farms- Last week I ordered the yellow Romano beans and I previse that this week these purple ones will be a hit. Check out our Try It Tuesday video on Facebook or Instagram for Enzo's take on the myriad of beans that Love Sown is producing this fall.

Mary Magenta- With 12 images in this set from Mary's recent artwork you are sure to see a loblolly or a patulous tree. If you're interested in any artwork from Mary any time soon, you'd better get your order in this week as she is going on a 2 week vacation. Not to fear though, I am sure she will return with more beautiful paintings to share with up.

Mother Truffula All Natural Body Care Products- I overheard a customer at market last weekend making a pother over how wonderful the baby bar soap is. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that people love and I'm not ashamed to say, that I feel like I need to try this soap now.

Morgan Peri Organics- The wonderful tellurians at Morgan Peri Organics are offering these delightful fall squash. They're those classic fall gourds that everyone loves. You can use them to decorate your porch, stoop, wreaths, mantle, table, counter, tv stand, bedroom, desk, window sills... well, you get the idea. Apparently, you can eat them too!

Tulsi Fields Farm- These late days of summer are still the right time for Matt's Summer Refresher tea. Whether you're so thirsty you have to guzzle it or you're so enthralled you want to degust it, there is no denying that it is the height of summer refreshment. Get it before both summer and the tea are gone.

*I know it seems like Wildwood Lavender Farm has been gone for a chiliad but they will return for ordering next week.

Now that we've discussed our seriously easy shopping, let's talk super fun shopping! Did you hear about our upcoming Mini Fall Fest? It's this Sunday, September 13th from 12-3 pm. We're taking over the parking lot of Glen Rock Mill Inn so we can all come together for fall goodies, games, raffles, books and crafts.

Guess the Weight- no cost to enter

The Glen Rock Train Stop Pop Up will be holding a squash guessing contest with a fully grown zucchino rampacante, donated by Brabble Hill Farm. There is no cost to enter and the closest guess without going over wins a basket of market goodies and a $50 gift certificate to Glen Rock Mill Inn donated by the Hufnagel Public Library. The 2nd closest guess will win the zucchino.

If you're just too excited to wait until Sunday, you can start the festivities a little early by visiting the Hufnagel Public Library this week to check out their raffle baskets and buy your tickets to get entered. Tickets will be on sale all week in the library and at Mini Fall Fest. Winners will be chosen and contacted after the event. All proceeds go to benefit the library.

I hope to see you Thursday and Sunday this week ;) ciao.

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