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Spring in Full Swing

And just like that, May is over and June is here! This is about to be a very busy time in SoYoCo as we move into the Green Phase of our Covid response as well as the green phase of our seasons (it really does all come back to gardening with me). I know I'm still busy putting plants in the ground, setting up my ever expanding irrigation system and trying to keep the wild greens from overtaking the cultivated ones (aka. weeding).

Now I'll also have to work on overcoming the inertia of staying at home and venture out into the world, but this event will be worth it! Untamed Boutique is holding a Grand Re-opening Celebration this Friday and Saturday! Grower, vendor and friend, Tiffany of This Is A Farmhouse, is co-hosting with an outdoor plant and produce sale. Vendors Tulsi Fields Farm and Brabble Hill Farm attending on Friday.

With all the excitement and hustle and bustle of June here are some items available from our market to help you keep your energy up and enjoy this time:

Strawberries from Morgani Peri Organics- Homegrown and fresh picked NO SPRAY EVER strawberries !! Our berry patch is a mix of ever-bearing and June bearing strawberries. So you will see a variance in size/type/flavor All are sweet and amazing !

Peanut butter cookies from Burtt Baking Co- Soft and chewy peanut butter cookies in jumbo size! A wonderful compliment to ripe strawberries.

Dry Shampoo from Mother Truffula - If you don't feel like washing your hair as often or are trying out the "No Poo" method, enjoy this dry shampoo that's available for brunettes, red-heads, and blondes. Just gently shake a small amount onto your roots and around your scalp and rub throughout hair. Then brush it out after a couple minutes and style. Easy as pie! Comes in a 4 oz. glass spice jar.

Rainbow Garden Kit from Brabble Hill Farm - 6 off-beat garden plants to brighten your day and delight your senses. Pink Clary Sage, Jing Orange Okra, Jewel Peach Melba Nasturtium, Arkansas Green Cotton, Light Blue Statice, Minousa Beni Houshi. All proceeds from sale of these kits to be donated to Rainbow Rose Center in York.

Lavender from Tulsi Fields Farm- Hidcote lavender is the hardiest variety of English lavender. You can use the aromatic leaves in perfumes, potpourri, as a seasoning, in sachets or as part of everlasting flower bouquets.

Next week we'll have a new vendor joining us too, I am so excited to add Love Sown Family Farm to our line up! We will also be posting a survey next week to see what you think about our online market and learn what we can do to improve it.

As always, get your orders in by 4pm on Wednesday for pick up at 5pm on Thursday. I'll be at 59 Water St in Glen Rock, PA waiting to greet you!

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