• Ali Collier

Spring of Change

This has been a heartbreaking week. Change is hard. Change comes fast but change is also often too slow. Social change is much the same as the changing of the seasons. It reminds me of the wait for trees to bud, flowers to bloom and soil to warm. It’s agonizingly slow but it is reliably steady. The time will come when the days are sunny and long but the struggle as the days drag on can be hard to bear witness to. As a grower I know how to nurture and support, as a member of society I find it harder to know what to do.

I take comfort in the people that support this market, vendors and customers. I find purpose in building up my community’s development, healing and value. I truly believe in the mission of this market and will use it in the pursuit of progress. I say all this more to remind myself more than to tell you, dear reader.

It feels hollow to ask for you to consider purchasing from our market right now. But I can ask you to consider supporting my friends, it’s what I’ll be doing. There is also joy in the slow and wonder in the wait. Here are my top 5 highlights of our spring market available now:

1. ASPARAGUS- Sweet, crunchy, fresh, local asparagus from Tulsi Fields Farm. Just amazing and talk about patience; it takes 3+ years from planting to harvesting a first crop of asparagus.

2. Sunscreen- Ok, it’s less exciting but it’s so good for your skin. It also smells good, feels good and it’s eco-friendly. How many sunscreens can you say that about? Only Mother Truffula’s.

3. Citronella Geranium Plants- Morgan Peri Organics has your backs when the buggy side of this beautiful spring change shows up. Geraniums are an attractive and simple low impact way to keep bugs at bay.

4. Cookie Kits- You might not have a green thumb but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy your own flowers. Plus, these cookies from Burtt Baking Co are oh, so delicious.

5. Fairy Garden Kit- I love a good kit, this one from me and Brabble Hill Farm is the perfect companion to your porch geraniums. Not all change needs to be big and these mini plants will show you how small changes can make a big impact.

Here’s hoping those that are in need can be understood with more compassion and less brutality. Here’s hoping we can change when called upon this spring.

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