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Surprise Saturday

Happy Saturday! You may have noticed that this post is going up a day early... well, we're beginning to dip our toes back into the waters of open air markets and I won't be able to sit at my computer tomorrow... because I will be vending!

Our sponsor Glen Rock Mill Inn will be hosting us tomorrow from 12-3 during their re-opening weekend. For the next few weeks Tulsi Fields Farm and Brabble Hill Farm will be joined by a rotating 3rd vendor from our Pop Up Market to test the waters of a weekly market. This week we'll be joined by our newest vendor Love Sown Family Farm and Chef Service.

With all the excitement that being out and about brings though, I don't want you to forget about Dad's big day coming up next weekend. We've got loads of goodies that the dads, father figures, grandads or anyone really will appreciate.

1. From Burtt Baking Co we have a Father's Day Cookie Box. It comes with a card so you have a complete gift all in one! Katie makes cookies to order so you know they're fresh and I know my family can't get enough of them.

2. From Love Sown Family Farms are the earliest peas to our market. It's a mix of 2 varieties and the perfect pre-cookie snack or side for dad's day dinner.

3. For the larger than life kind of dad Brabble Hill farm has a Giant Garden Kit that includes 6 of the largest plant varieties available. Your dad can really make a statement to the neighborhood with these beauties.

4. For a more culinary option Morgan Peri Organics from This Is A Farmhouse has red celery. These little stalks pack a BIG flavor punch that is great for cocktails, marinades, soups and salads.

5. There's no better time for a poop joke than Father's Day and there's no better way to show you care about someone who's staying home more often lately than by making their home smell a bit nicer. Mother Truffula's No Scent Toilet Spray actually comes in 3 scents... just not the one you don't want to smell.

6. This Tulsi Tea is delicious cold and hot and the fact that Matt named his farm Tulsi Fields Farm should tell you something about how invigorating it is. It's a great compliment to dinners and is really quite good with lemon cookies.

Can you believe it's already been 4 weeks since we opened online? Our market has been growing steadily for the last month since we opened and we would love your feedback on how we're doing and how we can be grow to serve our customers in the future. Take our online survey here: 2020 Market Survey and let us know what your think!

Get your orders in by 4pm this Wednesday and come pick them up at 59 Water St, Glen Rock, PA on Thursday at 5pm. See you then!

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