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The News Train

Hello my lovely Pop Uppers, it’s new week and we’ve got some new exciting news! I am excited to introduce to you our newest vendor. We are also opening two new stops of the Glen Rock Train Stop Pop Up. And we've got loads of new products for you to check out.

The first stop on the news train is to meet our newest vendor, Shana from Wildwood Lavender Farm. Though the farm is located in Quantico, Maryland, Shana is a Glen Rock resident and sometimes you can find her cute little pop ups in town! She's excited to offer her products more regularly with us and we're happy to have met another local grower!

Our next new stops are both in Hanover and they both open today, July 6th, 2020. What a coincidence, huh? Here are the details for you:

The Hanover Yoga Stop Pop Up is at Life In Balance Yoga, 129 Broadway, Hanover, Pa. Order window and pick up time is the same as the original, close at 4pm on Wednesday and pickup at 5pm on Thursday. All of our vendors will be participating so this is the place to get all of our goodies west of Glen Rock.

For an all produce option we’ve got the Hanover Boutique Stop Pop Up at Untamed Boutique, 460 High St, Hanover, Pa. Orders close at 12pm on Fridays with pickup at 10am on Saturday mornings.

Both locations offer great opportunities to do multitask while supporting lots of local businesses. Plus, you’ll get to see the lovely farmer, crafter, grower Tiffany at pickup!

Next stop on the news train is a look at the new products our vendors are offering this week!

Ok, you got me, this first item isn't new, but that sun burn you might be sporting with all this hot weather could be. Mother Truffula has got great soaps and this Aloe Vera Bar will help you feel cool even when you're hot.

Love Sown Family Farms has some of the earliest peppers available. These shishito peppers are sweet and great for quick stir fries and grilling. But watch out, one in every ten shishito peppers is said to be spicy.

Technically all of the items from Wildwood Lavender Farm are new this week, so let's start with a classic. Shana describes the lavender bath salts as their most popular product. I can imagine a nice relaxing cool soak would be wonderful after one of these long hot days.

Did you guys see the new labels that Matt from Tulsi Fields Farm has? Only a couple of teas have them so far but I think they are pretty nice looking. This digestive tea can help if you've eaten too much or if the world has given you a nervous stomach.

If you're looking for an indoor project Brabble Hill Farm has got fresh garlic for you to braid, or you know, you could just eat it.

And from Morgan Peri Organics we have a great shade project for you. If you love gardening but you're tired of just waiting around for the tomatoes to ripen find a shady spot and plant some ferns. This ostrich fern is a wonderful stately plant that easily fills a space and provides a nice backdrop for other smaller shade plants.

We are always busy here and our last stop is to tell you that some of our vendors will be back at the Glen Rock Mill Inn this Sunday from 12-3 pm.

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