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Top 5 Tips for the Best Online Farm Market Shopping Experience

Happy Holidays Pop Uppers! It's the most delightful time of the year! I may say that I prefer Halloween for the candy or Thanksgiving for the food but I love Christmas for the excuse to sit around thinking about my loved ones. Truly most of the year I am too busy to stop when I think of them to let them know but for Christmas I set aside time solely for planning presents and crafting cards to show them I care.

In the past few years I have mostly made the switch to online shopping since Glen Rock is annoyingly far from shopping centers (I was so spoiled in Lancaster) but this year it is more important than ever. So, I thought I would share my top 5 tips for shopping online to get the most out of our online farmers market!

1. Choose your closest pickup location:

This one is kind of a no brainer, if you're in Glen Rock you're literally 5-10 minutes away from our pick up at Glen Rock Mill Inn. For me that's a solid 20 minutes closer than the next closest gift shop that is open. Don't forget about Simply Local (open Friday-Sunday) for even more last minute gift, but if you want fresh local produce in December with your gifts, Glen Rock Train Stop Pop Up is the only way to go.

We also have 2 pick up locations in Hanover, Life in Balance Yoga and Untamed Boutique. Gift certificates to both locations also make a great gift for local friends and families and help support these businesses in tough times.

2. Shop By Category:

If you're the kind of shopper who has a list and sticks to it this is a great way to not have to scroll through all 243 options available from our vendors. This is also a great way to compare products between vendors.

Pro tip, make sure you're on page 1 before changing categories or you might just get a blank screen.

3. Shop By Producer:

I know many of our customers have favorite vendors they like to visit first. By using the Producer filter you can mimic walking through our market one vendor at a time. Be sure to be on page one when using this filter as well and head on to tip #4 to see how you can learn more from our vendors even when you can't talk directly with them.

4. Show Details:

While perusing through our item lists you can scroll over the image of each item and the "Show Details" button will appear like magic. With a click of that button a larger window will pop up on our screen to tell you about the item. All of our vendors try hard to clearly communicate what each product is, how much you get and ideas for how to use them. It can be tough though and you may still have questions, if so just scroll to the top of the page, click "Contact us" and send us all of your questions. We're very friendly and always happy to chat, I promise!

5. Shop Now and Later:

All of the items in our market are added live. That means that as a vendor uploads an image and adds inventory our shoppers can see it immediately. It's very similar to showing up at an in person market while the vendors are setting up. If you show up too early you might miss something that gets put on the table later. And since our holiday markets are open for 2 weeks you will want to show up early to get the good stuff first but also circle back to see what each of our vendors has been working on and adding.

Bonus Tip: Gift Ideas! Here are my favorite gift ideas from our December Holiday Market.

Low cost- Buy a 12 pack of cards and write a heartfelt note, a joke or a poem as a thoughtful gift.

One Size Fits All- Some people in our lives can be picky about size but baked goods, home goods, plants and teas are always the right size.

Kids- Healthy gifts for kids can be hard to find but each of these items can introduce them to new ways to take care of themselves through skincare, fun healthy eating and dance!

Purple Lovers- Ok, this might be a bit of a stretch but sometimes people just love the way things look. Really, you could shop for every color of the rainbow at our market.

What advice would you give for to have the best experience?

Really it all boils down to place your order by 4pm sharp on Wednesday, December 16th and then head out for contact free pick up on Thursday, December 17th at 5pm. See you then!

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