• Ali Collier

Which Will You Choose?

Hellooooo Pop Uppers! This is a big week at our house because it is Back to School Week! There were so many options to consider about school this year, you all know them, they're all different everywhere and we don't need to rehash them here, but talk about a stressful decision for everyone. I'm proud of you parents, grandparents and caregivers that had to make these hard choices for the children in your lives. All of you, dear readers, have my support no matter which option you choose.

We've chosen to do Digital Academy for Enzo. He's looking forward to it, and the new computer and printer that he's getting from the school. It will be nice not to have to share hardware, even if we still have to share Wi-Fi. And we've avoided a potential disaster already; a very solemn 2nd grader told us that in 1st grade there is no snack time! What a calamity that would have been. Enzo's favorite subject in kindergarten was snack time. I'm feeling pretty good, finally, a problem I am prepared to solve!

Now that we've gotten through the tough back to school choices, let's look through some fun market options to help us with snack time and all of the other choices we have to make daily. Trust me when I say, you cannot make a wrong decision here.

Your shopping options this week are many in both Glen Rock and Hanover. Three options for online pickups and two opportunities to shop with us in person this weekend.

Love Sown Family Farm: Cucumbers or squash? Cucumbers or squash? Cucumbers and squash! Healthy and fresh brain food.

Burtt Baking Co: Every cookie from Burtt Baking Co is delish. Nothing like a classic, chewy treat after school!

Mother Truffula All Natural Body Care Products: Choose the lotion for heavy duty areas, the salve for light duty areas or the oil for application flexibility.

Morgan Peri Organics: Cherry tomatoes for snack, beefsteak for sandwiches, roma for sauce.

Wildwood Lavender Farm: One for your face, one for your bum and one for when the other 2 are dirty.

Brabble Hill Farm: Keep any one of these in a pot on your porch during the warm weather and bring it inside when it gets cold. Prune them, feed them and give them love for the sheer joy of caring for a plant.

Tulsi Fields Farm: For helping you feel better if you've got a cold, an upset stomach or achy joints from school stress.

Mary Magenta: Get a rectangle bag for carrying books and a round bag for carrying more books. Send us a note with your order if you would prefer a chicken, goat or horse bag.

What will I choose? I choose to support local growers, makers and business owners.

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