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Working Out the Kinks

Hello! What a wild week the opening of our online market was. Hopefully from where you sit it was nothing but smooth sailing and new exciting options. Now that we've completed the inaugural order and delivery I'm looking forward to getting into the swing of things as a manager and vendor.

For my first act as virtual market manager I decree all orders this week will include free Tater Tats fake tattoos to help you show off your love of fresh vegetables.

For my second act I want to walk you through market as if you were there. Giving you snippets and highlights from each of our vendors.

This Sunday is a great day to visit the website and place your order. All of our vendors have added new products this weekend and we're up to over 92 items available now.

Perhaps the most exciting new products, to my mind, are the ones that provide the best and freshest ingredients for spring salads. It is PRIME salad eating time with all the cool season greens finally hitting their stride. I know my fellow growers Tiffany at Morgan-Peri Organics and Matt at Tulsi Fields Farm agree. Did you catch Tiffany explaining how to prepare (massage) kale for fresh eating on her Facebook page? Check it out.

Here is my recipe for a market fresh salad base. Combined these ingredients are a sweet, fragrant and spicy salad that can be a side or the base of a meal.

Market Fresh Salad Base - Serves 4


  • 1 oz. Pea Shoots, Brabble Hill Farm

  • 1 bunch Arugula, Morgan-Peri Organics

  • 5 oz. Mixed Baby Greens, Brabble Hill Farm

  • Fresh Oregano, Tulsi Fields Farm

  • Fresh Chive Blossom, Tulsi Fields Farm

  • Your favorite olive oil, try mixing it up with an infused oil

  • Your favorite vinegar, I prefer plum vinegar for the sweetness

  • Salt to taste


  1. Clean and roughly chop pea shoots, arugula and mixed baby green

  2. Add 3-4 stems of fresh oregano, finely chopped

  3. Add plucked chive blossoms from 4-6 stems

  4. Drizzle with 2 tbsp oil

  5. Drizzle with 1 tbsp vinegar,

  6. Serve and add salt to taste

Also contributing to the madness this week was my son's birthday. He was very excited to try out Burtt Baking Co.'s Unicorn Cookie Decorating Kit. I was scarcely less excited as this was my first opportunity to try Katie's baking. I'd heard through friends that her cookies were good and we here, all agree. The 15 sugar cookies were buttery and soft, the 3 colors of shimmering icing were delicious and, even piled high, not overly sweet. The kit even includes 3 different kind of sprinkles for the perfect finishing touches. Katie put a lot of consideration and love into this product and it really shows. I have no doubt my next morsel will be just as good.

Our last stop this week is over to visit Laura at Mother Truffula. She's worked hard listing her products to the website and it's pretty impressive to see her commitment to everything she does. New this week is a partnership with you, dear visitor. Laura will soon be adding a shampoo product line (squee!) and she wants you to save and share your used shampoo bottles. If you know Mother Truffula you know this is her way. She's committed to reducing her and her company's impact on the environment by using less and reusing more. I couldn't be happier to help her fulfil her commitment. If you want to help, just rinse out your shampoo and conditioner bottles and bring them to me on Thursdays when you come pick up your order. I'll accept them even if you don't order ;)

Our next order window closes on Wednesday, May 27th at 4 pm with pickup on Thursday, May 28th at 5 pm. Chat soon, Ali

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